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From the White Side of the Line

Cultural competence training curriculums typically train predominantly white groups of service professionals about the cultural experiences of people of color, but fail to examine the culture of white trainees. This 5-hour workshop remedies that oversight and recently has been presented on three occasions for professional credit (CEUs) to social workers in New Jersey.

Learning How to Talk About Whiteness

This 3-hour workshop introduces the concepts of whiteness and white American culture using an experiential learning approach. It is appropriate to a wide range of audiences, and has been presented in multiple settings over several years, including a recent session with the Ithaca, NY school system as part of a district-wide professional development day.

A Dialogue on White Privilege

A custom-designed 6-hour experience offered successfully as part of a professional development day at a Quaker independent school in New York City. Participants included all faculty and staff. Dialogue took place both in large groups and smaller, facilitated discussion groups. The outcome was a schoolwide acknowledgement (through experience) of the need to discuss white privilege, and the strengthinig of a program of anti-racist change already underway in the school setting.

Some Key Concepts Related to Race in the U.S. Context

A custom-designed 3-hour experience offered successfully as part of a professional development day at a progressive independent school in Manhattan. Participants learned about different frames for discussing race in mainstream culture, and discussed hypothetical cases in which an awareness of white American culture led to improved outcomes in cross-racial understanding.

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