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The Whiteness Listserv

The Whiteness Listserv is an Email discussion group dedicated to a nonracist and antiracist discussion of whiteness. The list is administered by the Center for the Study of White American Culture.

Participants may vary in their opinions of the racial attitudes of other participants. Indeed, it is a spirited group. But the Center for Study wishes to make it clear that the listserv does not invite, and will not allow expression of points of view that suggest whiteness, white culture, and white people are genetically superior, have a pre-ordained destiny to dominate, or any other explicitly white supremacist notions.

The listserv acknowledges that structural inequality exists between people historically designated as white and those designated as not. One's ascribed racial status, in other words, has implications about one's treatment by society.

The listserv is available free to subscribers to the Quarterly Newsletter of the Center for Study. We are reviewing ways to fund its continued operation. Two possibilities are 1) charging a small annual fee, and 2) obtaining outside support, in the way of a donation or grant, to cover the Center's operating costs.

For the remainder of 1996, however, we are opening access to all persons willing to abide by the rules of discussion given above. We feel this discussion is necessary and vital. If you would like to join, send a request to join by Email to

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