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A special opportunity to network:

Do you have an organization that might be of interest to people? Is there some topic or area of research you are developing that you might like to share with others informally? Are you looking to meet a certain type of people, to recruit for your school or organization? Do you consult or offer training? Do you simply think you are an interesting person, or have an interesting cause or issue? Do you have an agenda for action? Are you a presenter who wants to "market" your presentation in advance? Any of these reasons are good ones to set up a networking niche at the conference.

What is a networking niche?

It's something we thought up as a fun way to help participants meet each other early on in the conference process. The "niches" are simply designated locations around the conference site where we can set up chairs, and in some cases tables, and where people can gather to discuss a topic.

Following the opening plenary session, we will use the rest of the morning as a networking session. Participants are free to do one of two things:

1. You may sponsor a "niche." A niche will consist of a seating area where participants can assemble informally to talk to the niche sponsor. As a sponsor you can tell people about your organization, your cause, your agenda, etc.

2. Or, you may roam about the conference center, sampling the various niches and hearing what each sponsor has to say.

We will break the networking period into two sessions. You may elect to set up a niche for just one session (and wander around as a participant during the other). If so, please indicate if you have a preference for the earlier or later session. Or, you may elect to sponsor a niche for both sessions. Regardless, if you are sponsoring a niche during a session, you must have someone available at the niche at all times during the session.

How to sponsor a network niche.

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