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To Members of the Press

We encourage participation by the press in the DIALOG ON WHITENESS process. There are many issues of whiteness and white American culture that are of public importance and that need discussion in the media. Members of the press who cover cultural, racial and ethnic trends, issues and events might take particular interest in this public discussion.

Full Conference Press Passes
In order to encourage the broader attention to dialog that the press can facilitate, we are offering a limited number of press passes to the National Conference in Burlington, New Jersey on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9. We encourage members of the mainstream, alternative, and student press to contact us. The passes are for the full 2-day conference. To obtain a pass, contact Jeff Hitchcock at (908) 241-5439 or by Email at We will need a followup letter on your organization's letterhead to confirm your request.

Interview and Photo Opportunity
For members of the press who cannot attend the full conference, but who would like to hear the range of views present, we are opening an event to all members of the press on Saturday morning and early afternoon, from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. This event will consist of a 90-minute "open microphone" session in which all registered conference participants will be given a chance to briefly speak on topics of their own choosing. Various members of the the conference will make themselves available for interviews during and following the open microphone session. This event is not open to the public. Members of the press and registered conference participants only.

Pre and Post Conference Interviews
The following two conference sponsors are available for interviews:

Jeff Hitchcock (white American man)
Founder and Director
Center for the Study of White American Culture
(908) 241-5439

Lowell Thompson (African American man)
Founder and Director
Partnership Against Racism
(312) 643-5732

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