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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

DIALOG ON WHITENESS is a collective agreement among many individuals and organizations to discuss whiteness, that is, white people and our/their culture and practices, as a means of addressing racism in the United States and Canada.

Who is it?

DIALOG ON WHITENESS originated through discussion between Partnership Against Racism (Chicago) and the Center for the Study of White American Culture (New Jersey), along with individual participants on the Internet discussion group (listserv) on whiteness. It is a collective and collaborative process. Any person or organization can join as a sponsor and share ownership of the process.

How do I join?

Simply endorse the following resolution...


The idea of "whiteness" has been, and continues to be, a dominant force in race relations in the United States and in Canada, and,

People who want to work against racism and for a society that embraces all equally,to be effective, must include in their work an examination and discussion of the role and history of the idea of "whiteness" and the "white race" in our respective countries and societies, and,

This examination and discussion must be open to all "races", cultures and classes, genders and sexual orientations to make the most of the full spectrum of human views and experiences


That there be a national weekend of discussion, named DIALOG ON WHITENESS, to be held November 8, 9 and 10, consisting of a national conference and events surrounding it, with the goals of 1) raising this DISCUSSION, 2) giving VISIBILITY to those persons and organizations who partake in the dialog, 3) developing strategies and tactics to REACH and RECRUIT greater numbers and 4) developing SUPPORT for the continuing work of these same persons and organizations now and in the future.

This statement is in the public domain, to be claimed, copied, and circulated by any person or organization that chooses to endorse it, without regard to prior claims of authorship or origin.

Then what?

You become part of the process. Let people know. If you have some knowledge, willingness and experience in regard to the discussion of whiteness, begin a dialog. Think of an activity for the weekend of November 8-10. Dedicate an already planned activity to this dialog. Send out a press release indicating your support. Attend the national conference (endorsement of the DIALOG ON WHITENESS: STATEMENT is not necessary for attendance). Talk to people in your community. Do a workshop, write a sermon, ask your local bookstore for books on the subject. The important point is that we want people to take some time and engage themselves and others in this dialog.

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