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National Conference on Whiteness November 7-9, 1997



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For planning purposes, the following information will be helpful:




Issues I am currently working on:

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Check all that apply:

_____ I am enclosing $_______. Conference fee sliding scale: $10 to $100.
Make checks payable to Women’s Theological Center.

_____I will pay at the door.

Conference fees are our only present source of income. We are asking for financial support from organizations, but we can not plan on receiving it. An average fee of $50 to $60 per participant will be needed to meet expenses. Please pay as much as you can. Ask your organization if they would like to make a contribution.

_____ I will need accommodations.

_____ If possible, I would like to stay as the guest of another conference participant.

_____ Please send information about area hotels.

_____ I am able to accommodate _____ conference participants who are coming from out of town.

_____ I have special needs. (Food, access; Please describe.)

The full group meeting space and many workshop spaces are wheelchair accessible, but some areas are not. Please contact us for details.

Return a copy of this form to: WTC, P.O. Box 1200, Boston, MA 02117-1200

If you would like a brochure with a printed registration form, contact us at:
Women's Theological Center
Phone: (617) 536-8782

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