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What White People Can Do About Racism

How to act against racism from a position of
unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege

120: Decentering Whiteness



This workshop is intended to give white people some basic knowledge about:

• basic concepts and models

• decentering whiteness, as a goal

• building multiracial community, as a goal

• the inter-dependent nature of these two goals

The workshop is appropriate for white people who are open to learning what to do about racism, perhaps feeling they should be doing something but not sure what. The workshop is also appropriate for people of color who want to support white people who want to take action against racism.


A 6-hour workshop offered on a single day with a morning session, a lunch break, and an afternoon session. The workshop uses didactic presentation, small group discussion, large group discussion, and slideshow presentations. A packet of handouts is provided to each participant.


The workshop touches on several topics in an introductory way, including

• basic concepts important to a multiracial perspective

• centered and decentered whiteness

• features of whiteness as centered

• decentering these same featues of whiteness

• essence of a multiracial community

• how to begin building multiracial community

• requirements for multiracial community building

• visioning a multiracial community


Cost: $95 per participant.


For more information, contact:

Robin Alpern (914) 736-5447, robin.alpern (at)

Jeff Hitchcock (908) 245-4972, contact (at)

Great structure for conversation, but not to the point where it was stifled.

Sam Eckmeier

The environment was very open and non-judgmental. The conversations were fluid and informative. Largely new information [about decentering whiteness] and this was the most exciting for me

Cooper Dodds

What went well about this workshop? Everything. Kudos!

Linda Clarke

The opening slideshow was very helpful for me to grasp and begin to internalize this concept of “decentering whiteness.”

Emily Kaufman

Introduced a model that complemented other anti-racist/racial justice trainings I’ve had and taught me many new things.

Emily Tunney

The dialogue and conversations were very rich. Excellent presenters and facilitators of conversation. It was well-paced.

Stephanie Williams

The small group and large group discussions were very rich and valuable experiences. So much of the information was offered in an eye-opening and new perspective manner.


The concept [of decentering whiteness] is so innovative but so important and obviously necessary in USA society.


Thank you! The workshop was well-organized and thought out. Thank you for your time and insights and for sharing this work with us.