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Conference Information

Purpose of the conference
Conference schedule
Travel, lodging, meals
Description of the conference site


We believe firmly that to really know a culture, one must be aware of the views of both insiders and outsiders to that culture. Neither view alone is sufficient. As a result, we intend to invite a multicultural group of conference participants. Our recruiting and publicity efforts are directed to this end.

We also believe that the process of examining whiteness and white American culture is key to the future well-being of our society, our country, and not inconceivably, the world at large. Many people agree with us. The literature is replete with references to the importance of this topic.

There is something in the air. People in many different fields are looking at whiteness. At the Center for the Study of White American Culture, where effort has been made to track activity in many disciplines, it is clear there are emerging islands of knowledge among areas as varied as women's studies, counseling psychology, social psychology, sociology, ethnic and American studies, history, law, social work, theology and religion, literary criticism, poetry, multicultural education, diversity consulting, social activism, and antiracism. In some cases, work from any one given discipline is beginning to cross-pollinate with work in other areas. Surely there is something happening here that is greater than any one of us.

But all too often we see another side, of dedicated people leading a lonely struggle, arriving at insights and observations about whiteness in the face of a surrounding culture that denies, sometimes vehemently, the very notion that whiteness and white American culture exist. We see lines of inquiry in various disciplines that appear virtually uninformed by the greater context of developments in other fields. Indeed, these circumstances are still the norm.

It will change. We believe this process of examination is key to creating a more just and humane society. It makes a difference if that happens today or tomorrow. It should have happened already.

Conference goals

We wish to further the examination of whiteness and white American culture. Toward this end, we hope to achieve three goals at our initial conference. They are:

Discussion - Through presentations and other opportunities for dialogue created in the conference setting, participants will have the chance to share their views on whiteness and white American culture with people who have similar concerns.

Visibility - When many people from many disciplines take the time to assemble for an earnest discussion and exploration of a topic, it sends a message to the greater society that the topic is deserving of consideration.

Support -
Many people have worked in isolation, examining issues of whiteness and white American culture without support from their immediate colleagues or the greater society. We plan to create a supportive enviornment in which participants may affirm the importance of doing this work, and through networking opportunities, develop personal support networks to help sustain their activity once the conference is over.

Conference theme

The conference theme is...

Constructing a Nonracist European American Identity.
What Will It Take?
Can It Be Done?

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(Subject to change)

Thursday night

8:00 pm Beginning of check-in for overnight guests



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Burlington City has an informative web site that furnishes listings of local hotels, restaurants, stores, civic and religious organizations and other items of interest about the city. In the following sections we provide our description of details, and we link to the Burlington City web page that offers similar information, when available. Look for this section to be expanded as we obtain more detailed information.


From the site provider's brochure...

The Meeting House is located at 340 High Street in the historic downtown Burlington, NJ

By air:

Philadelphia is the nearest airport, though Newark is convenient as well. From Philadelphia expect about 30 minutes travel time to make the ground transfer to the conference site. From Newark International, expect about 70 minutes, but on a very direct route. Persons not staying at the conference site will need to make daily transportation arrangements to travel to and from the conference and their place of lodging. One alternative is to rent a car at the airport. A second alternative is public transit. A third possibility is car pooling with other conference participants at the same hotel.

By car:

In NJ via I-295 exit 47 or via the NJ Turnpike exit at Mt. Holly: Take route 541 West to Burlington. When you reach Route 130, go straight across onto High Street. Follow High Street until it crosses Broad Street (the street with the train tracks.) The Meeting House is a red brick building behind a brick wall. It is the fourth building on the left, opposite McCrory's store.

From I-95 South: Take exit 26 "Pendell-Levittown, 413 & US 1 Business." Turn left onto US 1 Business North, then right onto 413 South. Follow 413 South past the north bound I-95 exit. 413 will cross US 13 and pass under a railroad bridge and then immediately make a right turn. Follow 413 over the Burlington-Bristol Bridge (No Toll entering NJ.) Just pass the toll booths at the 1st traffic circle go 3/4 of the way around and then make a right turn onto Broad Street. Follow signs to the "Burlington Business District." Train tracks run up the middle of Broad Street. Pass one stop sign and then at the 1st traffic light, turn left onto High Street. The Meeting House is a red brick building behind a brick wall. It is the fourth building on the left, opposite McCrory's store.

By bus:
Burlington City - Online transit information


There are no hotels within walking distance of the Meeting House. Participants requiring overnight accomodations should arrange to stay 1) at the conference site, or 2) at an area hotel a short distance from the conference site.


We visited the following two hotels and would recommend them for conference guests. They are located at Exit 5 of the NJ Turnpike about 3 miles from the Meeting House.

HOWARD JOHNSON LODGE, Rte. 541 Exit 5 New Jerey Tpke, Mt Holly, NJ 08060, Phone (609) 267-6550, Fax (609) 267-2575. Rates as of July 1996:
2 beds - weekday $59, weekend $75
1 king - weekday $55, weekend $64
executive with jacuzzi and king, $72 weekday, $86 weekend
executive with jacuzzi, 2 beds, $70 weekday, $84 weekend

BEST WESTERN MOTOR INN, 2020 Rte. 541 RD #1, Mt. Holly, NJ 80860, Phone (609) 261-3800, Fax (609) 267-0958. Rates as of July 1996:
One double bed, $49
Two double beds, $59
Ask for their "corporate rate," which is their least expensive.

We will check other sites depending on demand. Also, you may wish to refer to Burlington City - Online lodging information.

Lodging at the Meeting House

The Meeting House has space for sleeping 88 persons. We invite people to take advantage of this option, but we want to describe it realistically. The sleeping space consists of rooms containing bunkbeds, between 4 to 7 bunk beds per room. If all the beds are full, people will have the feeling of being in a very crowded space, like a barracks, a pajama party or an overnight at summer camp. If you are not the adventureous type, or if you value the privacy of your own room, then this arrangement might not be the one for you. You will have to "stow your gear" under the lower bunk and you may have to put up with snoring, along with late-retiring and early-rising sleepers.

One other drawback is that you have to bring your own pillow, linen and blankets, or sleeping bag, whatever your preference. The beds are available only with a bare mattress.

It you don't mind the close accomodations and lack of privacy, then staying overnight at the Meeting House is a low cost option for you. The facilities are new, bright and clean. There are men and women's rooms with showers available for your use. If you plan to ask for lodging at the Meeting House, you must do so on the conference registration form. Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


There are several restaurants, delis and eating spots with a short walk of the Meeting House. We have no details to offer at this time, but you may wish to refer to
Burlington City - Online dining information.

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Burlington City

Burlington City is a small town set in a semi-rural portion of South Jersey. While bordered by commercial and urban development to the north and south, from Burlington City the countryside is only a couple miles away to the east. It is a historic southern New Jersey town, older than nearby Philadelphia. It has the character of a small rural city, with a regional climate that includes a mixture from New England Yankee to Carolinian Southerner, and everything in between.

In three trips to Burlington City and the Meeting House, each during morning business hours, the town gave a pleasant and friendly impression. Like many small towns in the northeast, it has a predominantly white population with a large number of black people, and far fewer Asian, native American and Hispanic groups. This is evident on the street where European Americans and African Americans can be seen mingling together as pedestrians and shoppers, business people and civic employees.

Burlington City - Online demographic information.

Burlington City - Online community organization information.

Burlington Meeting House

Burlington City - online history of the Meeting House

Burlington City - online business listing of the Meeting House

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