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Third National Conference on Whiteness
Beyond "White," "Black" or "Other":
Confronting Whiteness to End Racism

November 6 thru November 8
(Friday thru Sunday)




Organizations and individuals who are... Activists, Educators, Scholars, Organizers, Community members and leaders, Spiritual members and leaders, Artists, Trainers, Consultants, and all generally interested in supporting the theme, the mission, and goals of the conference.


Workshops, panel discussions, papers, symposiums, artistic performances, roundtable discussions, and other events of potential interest to participants.


OUR THEME: (Beyond "White," "Black," or "Other") We use the term "Other" to denote the centrality and focus on racism in the U.S.A. as a "black/white" issue. The title also reflects the common usage of these terms. Our goal here is to challenge all these divisions -- to get "Beyond" them -- not to endorse them. We understand Native Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, to name a few groups, are often left out of the analysis and discussion. Our hope is to create space where dialogue occurs and awareness increases on these issues. We're specifically interested in examining how whiteness has created, contributed to and maintained the racial categorization of "white," "black" or "other" and what new ideas, strategies, tactics and definitions can be used to move beyond this idea which has been so politically, spiritually, morally and socially divisive.

OUR MISSION: To hear diverse voices and ideas on how to confront whiteness to end racism.




The National Conference on Whiteness, an annual event, drew over 300 people in Cambridge, Mass. last November. From our start, we envisioned the conference as a 20-year series that not only looks at whiteness, but also mobilizes the attention and resources needed to act on it on a national scale. This year, our third, we're planning for 500 participants. As with last year's event, funding is limited. The conference is administered by a collection of small nonprofit organizations, i.e. we have no large institutional sponsor. Over 95% of our funds come from registration fees. We can not reimburse expenses to presenters. But if you do present, we recommend you take advantage of our sliding registration fee scale (from $125 down to $15) commensurate with your contribution, and balanced against the difficulty or success you have in obtaining other funding. We look forward to continuing our relationship with those who have worked with us previously, and we encourage those just hearing about us to join the process. For more information on the conference, check the conference web hosted here at
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