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The Center for the Study of White American Culture (CSWAC) provides training and publishing resources. We offer support for organizations and individuals preparing to participate in the increasingly diverse character of our nation. We believe such preparation is necessary for the US to achieve a truly just and fair multiracial society.

In 1995 Charley Flint and Jeff Hitchcock, an interracial couple with a lifelong dedication to racial justice and equity, founded CSWAC as a New Jersey-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. Currently Jeff serves as Executive Director and Charley serves as President of the Board of Trustees. CSWAC operates on a fee for service basis, with additional support from private donors.

The governing Board of Trustees, along with CSWAC staff and trainers, comprise a multiracial group of educators and practitioners who bring a collective body of knowledge and experience in theoretical and applied social science, social justice, religion, race and ethnicity.

Since its founding, CSWAC has led in the exploration of white American culture, and its ramifications in the perpetuation and undoing of racism. We have seen the topics of whiteness, white privilege, and white American culture move from being taboo subjects to becoming open to public discussion. We continue to engage in that public discourse and promote its growth.



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