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The Library contains archives of CSWAC's work, and other resources, documents, and bibliographic materials of interest in the study of of whiteness, white American culture, and white anti-racist activism. The Library is undergoing construction over the course of 2011-2012. The collection of documents will expand during that time.


CSWAC's Book Database


Some Occupy resources for white anti-racist allies

Definitions of race

Definitions of racism

Report: When We Talk Among Ourselves: White-on-white focus groups discuss race relations

CSWAC Organizing Archives

National Conference on Whiteness series

First National Conference on Whiteness

Second National Conference on Whiteness

Third National Conference on Whiteness

Fourth National Conference on Whiteness

White Awareness Roundtable

White Anti-racist Leadership Conference

White Anti-racist Community Action Network

Mid-Atlantic White Anti-racist Gathering

White Anti-racist Summit series

White Anti-racist Summit I

White Anti-racist Summit II

White Anti-racist Summit III

White Anti-racist Summit IV

White Anti-racist Summit V

CSWAC Publishing Archives

CSWAC's WACANupdate email news magazine 2004 - 2009

CSWACS's Membership Newsletter 1999 - 2003


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