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Workshops and Presentations

White Society: Cultureless & Soulless
Anthony Rayson
South Chicago AntiRacist Action (ARA)

The Implications of Energy Medicine and Thought Field Therapy in the Reorganization of the Human Energy Field to Support the Healing of Racism
Joah Greengus, LPT, TFT, D.Hom and James M. Campbell, MS, LCPC, TFT
Healthy Alternatives, Chicago

White Racism: Perceptions and Experiences
Adrian Capehart (Executive Dir.) and Theodoric Manley, Jr. Ph.D.
The Hoop Institute

Black Farmers' Land Loss: Rituals of Power and Pain
Gail P. Myers, M.A.
Ohio State University

Interrogating Whiteness: Race Dialogues with Six White Women in Intercollegiate Athletics
Maria J. Veri, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee

Talk among Interns at an Urban High School: Dimensions of Difference Remain Unquestioned
Michelle Yvonne Szpara
University of Pennsylvania

Original poetry and music
The Sons of Light
David Cooper, a community activist from a Christian African-American background & Joah Greengus, a composer and keyboardist who is Jewish-born Baha'i

Using Art to Explore and Deepen Our Appreciation and Ownership of Whiteness
Nancy Sidun, Psy.D., ATR; Kelly Ducheny, Psy.D. and Bianka Hardin
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

A Minority among Minorities: An Indian-American Perspective on the Whiteness of Psychology
Priya Batra, Psy.D. student and Moira Sharma, Psy.D. student
Wright State University, School of Professional Psychology

Two Worlds of a Southern White Man
William P. Hunter

Poetry & discussion
Rethinking Concepts of Race and Racial Identity
Aaron Kabir Celious
University of Michigan

Uncovering White Hegemony
Brenda Brasher, Tonya Briggs, Michelle Collins-Sibley and Andrew Price
Mount Union College

Connecting with Our Ancestors
Marian Groot
Women's Theological Center

Paper & discussion
An Introspective Examination of Growing Up White
Jack Herlan/EM>

Dramatic reading & discussion
The Dove Seller: Racial Identity Formation and the Complexities of Interracial Love
Delle Chatman, Visiting Professor
Northwestern University

White, Black and Blacker: Whiteness in America and Israel
Dina Dahbany-Miraglia
Queensborough Community College CUNY

Intersections of Race and Class: Staying Accountable to Grassroots Struggles for Racial/economic Justice
Paul Kivel, Violence Prevention Educator

Stealing Carmen
Amy E. Stewart
Ohio University

Enlightenment in Charles Johnson's Oxherding Tale
D. Rae Greiner
Ohio University

Unaware Racism: The Manifestation of Whiteness
Dr. Saundra Y. Boyd
Houston Community College System

Exploring Whiteness in Toni Morrison's Fiction
Kaylen Tucker
Purdue University

The Concept of Race in the Decolonization of Puerto Rico
Josi Solms Jordan, Ph.D.
University of Puerto Rico-Rmo Piedras, Facultad de Educacisn-Eugenio Marma de Hostos

Racial Harmony in the Next Millennium
Ambassador Joseph Godson Amamoo
Mediation/African Business/Immigration Consultant

Racing Whiteness: A Conversation on Teaching and Learning About Whiteness
Laurie Fuller, Women's Studies, Northeastern Illinois University; Nancy Matthews, Criminal Justice, Northeastern Illinois University; Erica Meiners, College of Education, Northeastern Illinois University

Program Strategies for Dialogue on Whiteness
Lucky Altman
Program Director, National Conference for Community and Justice, Los Angeles region

Abolish Whiteness
Kingsley Clarke and Noel Ignatiev
New Abolitionist Society

Issues of Racism and What We as Individuals Can Do about It
Zelda Robinson, Radio Personality
WGCI-AM 1390 Gospel Radio

Sexual Orientation Issues for People of Color in Corporate America
Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale, President
r. taylor o'neale associates

Beyond Color, Culture, and Other Superficial Differences: Toward a New Theoretical Approach for Unlearning Racism
Caleb Rosado, Ph.D., President and Senior Consultant
ROSADO CONSULTING for Change in Human Systems

Whiteness: An Insider/Outsider View
Dorothy M. Simpson-Taylor, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the President for Ethnic Diversity, Indiana State University and Cathy McGuire, M.S., Oral Historian

"Being White in a White World": Raising Awareness of White Privilege as a First Step in Combating Racism
Tara Carter, Lynnea McHenry, and Karla Brown, Communications Instructors, and Eugene Phillips, Science Instructor
Hawkeye Community College

Origin and Fallacies of White Superiority Attitudes
Bonnie J. Taylor

Talking "White": the Mythology of Standard English Supremacy
Mary I. Berger, Executive Director and Jerry A. Knight, Operations Director

Application of White Studies through Applied Ethics and Course Content: Bridging Academics into Action
Kristian Crump
California State University Monterey Bay

White Icing and White Bonding and the Other Isms
Bill Aal, Associate and Margo Adair, Founder
Tools for Change

Bolstering the Anti-racist Agenda: Mapping the Resources and Assessing the Needs
David Campt, Ph.D., Policy Associate, Presidentís Initiative on Race and Beth Castle, Doctoral Candidate, Cambridge University

Disempowerment of Children: Understanding Prejudice and Race
Rita Starr, Director and Charles Young, Director
Healing Our Nation

Whiteness and the Media in the United States and the United Kingdom
John Gabriel, author of Whitewash (Routledge, 1998) and Dr. Gargi Bhattacharyya

Workshop/performance art piece
Racism within Feminist Art (workshop), and A Way Through (performance art)
Eleanor Hancock

Police-African American Community Relations and Social Interaction Skills of Police Officers
Christopher Cooper, Ph.D., J.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology
Saint Xavier University

Video presentation/Discussion
Voices in the Struggle
Dr. Susan Marie Rumann, Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Throwing Down the Master's Tools: Privilege, Manners, Ignorance, Guilt, and Fear
Michelle Billies, M.S.W.
New Abolitionist Society - New York City

Overcoming the Culture of Violence; Exposing White America's Foundation of Slavery and Genocide
Akua Njeri, President of the National Peopleís Democratic Uhuru Movement; Candace Vogler, Philosophy Professor, University of Chicago; and Rhya Fogerty, African Peopleís Solidarity Committee

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