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Fourth National Conference on Whiteness
Boston, MA
November 2000

The fourth and final National Conference on Whiteness took place in Boston. The conferene planning suffered delays and the conference finally was held on June 23-25 in the year 2000. The planners intentionally downscaled the conference, offering the explanation that they wanted to focus on a more intimate dialogue among participants. In reality, the organizations planning the conference were finding it difficult to plan an annual event of larger scope. CSWAC itself was less involved in the planning of this conference than in the past.

In fact, the scaled down format worked very well for producing dialogue and the conference was a pelasure to attend. Things ran smoothly and participants found the event moving and inspiring. But the political momentum of the conference series seemed to have dissapated. Perhaps in tacit recognition of this, no planning process was subsequently undertaken for a fifth conference.

The archive of the conference website has some details about the conference.

A report of the conference was published in CSWAC's Membership Newsletter.

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