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White Anti-racist Summit I
Pella, IA
April 2005

The first White Anti-racist Summit was held on April 30, 2005 as an institute under the umbrella of the White Privilege Conference. The purpose of the summit was...

...a call to people who have been organizing white people to take anti-racist action and oppose racism. In particular, we are looking for, and will encourage attendance by, white people who are organizing other white people, and people of color who see part of their work supporting and guiding white people in this work.

The event will present a means to network, share information, report on group and organizing activities, distill lessons from local situations at various locations around the country, and support and encourage one another to continue in our work.

Twenty people attended the first summit. This included 18 white people and two people of color. There were representatives from three white anti-racist groups (CARW of Seattle, Catalyst Project, and WACAN).

The summit opened with a discussion of history, with a particular focus on the history of white resistance to racism. Paul Kivel played a significant role facilitating this discussion. In the afternoon, Catalyst Project gave a presentation on their work. Later, after the event, they wrote this report discussing WPC6 and the summit. The summit program devoted a large block of time to discussing the concept of accountability and white anti-racist organizing. The following work product was a result.

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