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White Anti-racist Summit III
Colorado Springs, CO
April 2007

Summit III was planned and organized by a Summit Coordinating Committee consisting of representatives from:
-- AWARE (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere)
-- The Social Justice Office of the Episcopal Church
-- WACAN (White Anti-racist Community Action Network)
-- Y-STEP-Youth Step Towards Addressing Racism

The summit took place on two separate days. Day One was on Wednesday (April 17) before WPC started. This day is customarily used for pre-conference institutes. Day Two of the summit took place as usual on Saturday (April 21). About 55 participants registered for the summit event.

The flyer for Summit III summarizes the focus of the summit, and each of the two days.

A description of Day One was written by Peter Caulfield and sent to WACAN members from the conference.

AWARE, Y-STEP and the Social Justice Office of the Episcopal Church took point on Day Two activities. Later, after the summit, AWARE released a report of Day Two work.

Peter Caulfield also wrote a description of Day Two.

Jeff Hitchcock followed up on Peter Caulfield's report on Day Two with comments on how the nature of people attending the summit was changing. Prior conference and summit events organized by CSWAC always attracted a body of interested activists, but often they came as individuals and they did not belong to white anti-racist collectives or groups in their work "back home." By the time of Summit III this had noticeably changed. It was becomming evident that there was a growing base of white anti-racist groups around the country.

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