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White Anti-racist Summit V
Memphis, TN
April 2009

In 2009 attendance was down at the White Privilege Conference, most likely due to the severe economic times. The Summit Coordinating Committee continued intact. The committee wanted to use Summit 5 to broaden participation in the planning and organizing process. Past summits had been encouraging, but the committee members and groups were feeling the strain of carrying on the organizing each year. It was felt that a borader committee would encourage more organizing, help build a white anti-racist base, and share the work of planning.

In reality, Summit 5 attendance plummeted. Only 16 people registered, down from 54 people the year before. Past summits also had some "walk-in" traffic. Summit 5 took place among a small and interested group, but failed to move the summit process ahead. In the wake of the severely disminished attendance, CSWAC found it was unable to continue the process in 2010, and other organizations on the Summit Coordinating Committee did not pick up the work as well. Summit 5 was the last summit event to be held.

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