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Second National Conference on Whiteness
Cambridge, MA
November 1997

In November 1997 we shortended the name of the event. The now-named second National Conference on Whiteness took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At this point The CSWAC was joined by the Women's Theological Center; Community Change, Inc.; and S.P.A.R.C., all from the Boston area, and by Partnership Against Racism from Chicago (who returned as a sponsor from the first conference). In the wake of our first conference, several other conferences, including the Berkeley event, had taken place. We drew 300 people at the second conference and continued our history of leadership in raising the dialogue about whiteness in the United States and the world.

Conference website

Photos from the conference

Photo 1 - 68 KB: Participants listening in workshop
Photo 2 - 33 KB: Lowell Thompson, Partnership Against Racism
Photo 3 - 96 KB: Spontaneous discussion groups arose
Photo 4 - 23 KB: Meck Groot, Women's Theological Center
Photo 5 - 43 KB: At work, in the main meeting room
Photo 6 - 42 KB: Dr. Mary Washington, Lehigh U., facilitating workshop
Photo 7 - 41 KB: Wear this on the street
Photo 8 - 39 KB: European Dissent conducting workshop discussion
Photo 9 - 52 KB: Angela Giudice and Cooper Thompson; VISIONS, Inc.
Photo 10 - 33 KB: Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz and Laurie Schecter, S.P.A.R.C.
Photo 11 - 41 KB: Workshop participants - I
Photo 12 - 44 KB: Workshop participants - II
Photos by Charley Flint and Jeff Hitchcock

The conference received some press coverage:
-- Los Angeles Times (reprinted from the Washington Post) article

Later two of the conference planners published an article that made mention of the conference.

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