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When We Talk Among Ourselves:

White-on-white focus groups discuss race relations

Jeff Hitchcock

Alfonso Associates, Inc.

Jersey City, New Jersey

March 1995

Copyright by Alfonso Associates, Inc., 1995. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents
(The substance of the report is contained in Chapters IV and V)

I. Introduction

II. Rationale for Research

III. Method

IV. Accounts of Behavior
  • Persons
  • Others and Roles
  • Settings
  • Plots
  • Morals
  • Stories and White Culture
V. Accounts of Feelings
  • Negative Feelings
    1. Fear
    2. Anger
    3. Hate and Dislike
    4. Discomfort
    5. Guilt and Shame
    6. Rejection
    7. Embarrassment
    8. Pity, Disbelief, Jealousy and Unexcitement

  • Positive Feelings
    1. Happiness
    2. Comfort
    3. Love and Trust
    4. Feeling Complimented

  • Overview of Emotions and Objects