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Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Rationale for Research
III. Method
IV. Accounts of Behavior
V. Accounts of Feelings
APPENDIX A. - Materials Sent to Participants
APPENDIX B - Questions Asked of Each Group
APPENDIX D - Group Instructions and Guidelines
APPENDIX E - Chart - First-hand Accounts of Racial and Ethnic Activity
APPENDIX F - Chart - First-hand Accounts of Feelings

APPENDIX A - Materials Sent to Participants

(Sent on Alfonso Associates letterhead)
                                            August 31, 1994

John J. Participant
123 Washington Avenue
Anytown, NJ   

Dear John:

	I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for agreeing to participate in
Alfonso Associates' focus group on race relations to be held at Anytown Church on
Wednesday, September 8, 1994 from 8:00 to 10:00 PM.  For your convenience, I
have enclosed a set of directions to the church.  You may have seen our description
of the focus group, but in the event you have not, I have enclosed a copy of this as

	We hope to have an interesting and thoughtful discussion on what is often a
sensitive topic in our society.  Once again, your participation is greatly appreciated.

                                           Yours truly,

                                           Jeff Hitchcock,
                                           Vice President

Alfonso Associates, a private, minority-owned practice of social workers is sponsoring...


How do white people feel about race relations? What type of contact do you have with people of color? What issues does it raise? What types of information do you feel you need? Does managing relationships between people of different races require special skills and knowledge? How do you respond to feelings and attitudes other people have about racial difference?

These are questions that interest us. Alfonso Associates is a minority-owned, private practice of social work professionals that offers training in diversity related topics. We are developing training programs addressed to helping white people manage personal issues in race relations, and we would like to hear how you feel.

In our practice we have found that white people and people of color tend to have differing perspectives on race relations. However, few occasions exist in which these differences can be discussed in an insightful way. Because we feel strongly that training must begin with the concerns and interests of participants, we are sponsoring a focus group on race relations. A focus group is simply a group of people who have agreed to voice their feelings and ideas on a selected topic. Its purpose is to allow an organization, such as ours, to listen and hear how people feel. We hope to use this discussion as a starting point in designing our training materials.

What's in it for you? If you have an interest in race relations, in the work place and in society, you will have the chance to offer your views and to hear the views of other people like yourself in a setting that encourages a genuine sharing of ideas. And you will be helping us address a topic that is important and relevant to our society.

We have scheduled three groups, with space for ten participants in each. Each group will be held at:

Anytown Church
333 Main Street
Anytown, NJ
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Meeting dates are:
Wednesday, August 3
Thursday, August 18
Thursday, September 8

If you are interested, please contact:
Michael Gerhardt
Alfonso Associates
Jeff Hitchcock
Vice President
Alfonso Associates