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CSWAC publishes books under the trade name of Crandall, Dostie & Douglass books. Inc. Our name commemorates three nineteenth century abolitionists: Prudence Crandall, A. P. Dostie and Frederick Douglass.

Our books feature themes and topics relating to whiteness, white privilege, and white American culture. They offer a valuable resource to people exploring what it means to be white, and wanting to know how to work for a racially just society.

Here’s a list of our current titles. For more information about a title, or to purchase the book, click the book title and go to the book’s information page at

Accountability and White Anti-racist Organizing

Stories from Our Work

Racial justice activists often talk about “accountability.” But what does it really look like? In this book, eleven different individuals and groups involved in white anti-racist organizing discuss how they incorporate accountability into their work.

The Anti-Racist Cookbook

A Recipe Guide for Conversations about Race that Goes Beyond Covered Dishes and "Kum-Bah-Ya"

Want to do something about race? This book is a complete guide to setting up discussion groups on race. Good for community groups and faith congregations. Unlike other discussion guides, this one includes a section on whiteness and white privilege.

Lifting the White Veil

A Look at White American Culture

What exactly is white American culture? If you’ve been asking, this book has the answer. Written in simple and personable terms, the book covers history, psychology, and a host of other fields and perspectives, while including stories from the author’s own life bearing upon his journey in learning what it means to be white.

Living in the Tension

The Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice

A detailed look at how those holding spiritual worldviews and those who seek racial justice often misunderstand one another. The author takes a "both/and" approach, exploring how spirituality and racial justice can co-exist and work together.

Love Cohoes

A far-ranging collection of poems centering on the white, working class town of Cohoes, NY, by the author of Walk With Us.

Talking About Race

A Workbook about White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives

A self-study curriculum about white people who want to foster equality in their lives, drawing upon the author's classroom experiences teaching a course for college students titled Let's Talk About Race.

Walk with Us

Triplet Boys, Their Teen Parents & Two White Women Who Tagged Along

Heartwarming story set in Philadelphia where two white women share a household with a young black family. Beautifully written with warmth and humor, this memoir brings home the joys and tribulations of reaching out across race, class and culture.

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