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Is your organization predominantly white and looking to become multiracial?

Does your organization aspire to be culturally competent?

Are you concerned about racial tensions in your organization and in the communities you serve?

Is there a disparity between the racial composition of your staff and the people you serve? Between your leadership and staff?

Do you have difficuty recruiting and retaining staff of color?

Are you looking for ways to deliver your services more effectively across lines of race and culture?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CSWAC can help you on your journey and move your organization toward your goal.

CSWAC brings experience, perspective, understanding, skills, knowledge, and resources to your organization.


Even when the problems are similar, every organization is different. When you bring us on as a service provider, we take time to learn about your organization. Early in the process we talk with key leadership and staff. We want to acquire a sense of your organizational culture – how and why you do what you do. Depending on the scope of training anticipated, we may work with a small group of people appointed by your organization to first help clarify the purposes and goals of the training and then to channel your organization’s input into the training design.

Our pre-training assessment can be conducted through informal discussions. Or, depending on your goals, we can undertake a more comprehensive effort that includes visits to multiple sites, focus group discussions, document review, and review of internal training curricula as applicable. If you desire, we will deliver a report of our findings with recommendations.

CSWAC custom designs workshops. We use a variety of training techniques, including experiential learning, didactic presentation, and small and large group discussion. We develop audiovisual presentations and handouts as aids to learning. And we bring skillful and experienced facilitation into the process.

Often we are asked to do staff and professional development and it’s here where we shine. If your managers, professionals and staff are new to the topic of whiteness and white American culture, let us help them enter into the topic. CSWAC has worked with educators, clinical service providers, faith leaders, and nonprofit administrators and staff.


If you have questions about whiteness, white privilege, and white American culture as they bear upon your organization, we can help. If you have a specific need that requires a sensitivity to these matters and the ability to work across racial lines, we can help. Give us a call.


If you are planning a training conference, an organization-wide professional development day with multiple training providers, or a similar event where you need a specialized workshop on whiteness, white privilege, or white American culture, think of us. We’ll help make your event a success.

(workshop series)

CSWAC offers workshops open to the public under the series title, What White People Can Do About Racism. Several organizations have sent their teachers, administrators, managers, professionals and staff to one or more of our workshops. If you are not ready to bring us in for an in-house event, but want a smaller number of people from your organization to receive some training, consider this option. You’ll have the chance to sample what we can do.


CSWAC publishes books under the name of Crandall, Dostie & Douglass Books. Several of our titles have been purchased by schools, colleges and universities; faith communities, and nonprofits. Quantity discounts are available.



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