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What White People Can Do About Racism

How to act against racism from a position of
unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege

101: Fundamentals, Part 1



This workshop is intended to give white people some basic knowledge about:

• racial structure

• building connections and cross-racial alliances

• finding direction on your journey as an effective change agent

• building a personal support network for the work you do

The workshop is appropriate for white people who are open to learning what to do about racism, perhaps feeling they should be doing something but not sure what. The workshop is also appropriate for people of color who want to support white people who want to take action against racism.


A 6-hour workshop offered on a single day with a morning session, a lunch break, and an afternoon session. The workshop uses didactic presentation, small group discussion, large group discussion, and slideshow presentations. A packet of handouts is provided to each participant.


The workshop touches on several topics in an introductory way, including

• the origin of white identity

• colorblindness

• feelings about cross-racial relationships

• feelings about white identity

• white anti-racist writings, historical review

• anti-racism and local change efforts

• how to be an ally

• the impact of racism on white people

• how to develop a support network

• resources for further study and personal development


Cost: $95 per participant. $85 for graduates of any prior workshop in our What White People Can Do About Racism series. Sliding scale and student rate available. The registration fee covers all materials, plus lunch. Participants will also receive a free copy of a book published by Crandall, Dostie & Douglass Books. Two choices are available: Accountability and White Anti-racist Organizing: Stories from Our Work, a $17.95 value, or Lifting the White Veil: A Look at White American Culture, a $19.95 value.


For more information, contact:

Robin Alpern (914) 736-5447, robin.alpern (at)

Jeff Hitchcock (908) 245-4972, contact (at)

A great six hours. You should allow yourselves to feel respected for pushing the white envelope.

Jim Edler

You took my vague feelings about anti-racism and showed me how I can turn those into activism.

Betsy Tomic

Lots of variety. It went very fast. Openness, discussions were great.

Mary Farley

Felt connected with trainers and participants.

Wayne Henderson

This was an excellent workshop. Time very well spent. Very well prepared and thought out to keep participants involved and active through interactive dialogue...excellent handouts...lots of new data...great guidelines on how to move forward.

Peter Callaway

Thanks for keeping things moving along...excellent content and process, right amount of info for the time.

Judy Hinds

The workshop was very interactive, lots of activity and discussion which helped to keep it very interesting.

Christina Williams

Program was great, perfect AntiRacism 101 for those who are ready to learn. It was so good to be in the company of people who understand that we need to overcome our culture and make changes to our institutions and organizations.

Eddie Fried

The handouts -- comprehensive, provocative, clear, very organized.


Great intimate discussions, lots of opportunities for sharing personal experiences.


Excellent presentations; everything well organized and timetable adhered to.