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What White People Can Do About Racism

How to act against racism from a position of
unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege

201: Fundamentals, Part 2



This workshop is intended to give white people some basic knowledge about:

• racial structure

• building connections and cross-racial alliances

• finding direction on your journey as an effective change agent

• building a support network for the work you do

Part 2 of the 2-part Fundamentals series continues to touch upon major topics of importance to white people who want to work against racism.

The workshop is appropriate for white people who are open to learning what to do about racism, perhaps feeling they should be doing something but not sure what. The workshop is also appropriate for people of color who want to support white people who want to take action against racism.


A 5-hour workshop offered on a single day with a morning session, a lunch break, and an afternoon session. The workshop uses didactic presentation, small group discussion, large group discussion, a slide show presentation, and role playing. Handouts are made available to participants.


The workshop touches on several topics in an introductory way, including

• what motivates white anti-racist oganizers?

• challenges for white people working together

• where are we headed?

• accountable white anti-racist practice

• mainstream vs. anti-racist perspectives

• experiences in organizing


Cost: $90 per participant. $80 for graduates of any prior workshop in our What White People Can Do About Racism series. Sliding scale and student rate available. The registration fee covers all materials, plus lunch.


For more information, contact:

Robin Alpern (914) 736-5447, robin.alpern (at)

Jeff Hitchcock (908) 245-4972, contact (at)

Hearing everyone’s stories was inspiring and stimulated my energy to continue my work as an anti-racist.

Debbie Morenzi

So glad that it happened. I’ve been waiting to attend a follow-up to PISAB workshop. Good leaders!

Erica Itzkowitz

Good activities, role-playing, mainstream vs. anti-racist. Liked the vision of the future. Multiracial centric.

Wayne Henderson

The handouts & presentation of the info, as well as the role-playing assisted in my being able to assess my current skills & skills development as an organizer! Thank you !!

Jackie Hawkins

Blend of inputs, discussion, small group, large group — feelings, cognition — RICH!

James M. Edler

I was impacted by the clarity of expression by excellent presenters.

Margaret Rubick

It will keep me going & thinking of ways to expand.

Steven Itzkowitz, MD

Helped me see successes I have & strengthens my resolve.

Steven Taylor-Roth

It had a nice flow and precepts built upon precepts so I learned a lot. I liked the handouts that show examples of specific things we can do. “Organizing” sounds so big and formal but many times it is small and spontaneous.

Sandy Powell

Well organized — flowed well without seeming rushed.

Sue R. Clark

I can see more areas where I can make a positive anti-racist contribution at work, in my neighborhood and in my faith community. Thank you!


I was heartened to hear that the definition of an “organizer” is something I have and can attain in my everyday life. I don’t have to be Saul Alinsky.


Inspiring being around others. Being reminded about the problems that can arise is grounding, too.