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What White People Can Do About Racism

How to act against racism from a position of
unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege

212: White Accountability and Organizing



This workshop is intended to give participants some basic knowledge about:

• why accountability is important for white people in anti-racist organizing

• basic dimensions of accountability

• barriers to being accountable

• putting accountability into practice

White Accountability and Organizing examines how white people who want to work against racism will be more effective in their actions if they understand how to work in a framework of accountable relationship with people of color.

The workshop is appropriate for white people who are open to learning what to do about racism, perhaps feeling they should be doing something but not sure what. The workshop is also appropriate for people of color who want to support white people who want to take action against racism.


To register for this workshop, you must have completed one of the following:

• Fundamentals, Part 1 offered by CSWAC

• Within the last two years, the Undoing Racism and Community Organizing workshop offered by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond


A 4.5-hour workshop offered on a single day with a morning session, a lunch break, and an afternoon session. The workshop uses didactic presentation, small group discussion, large group discussion, and a slide show presentation. Handouts are made available to participants.


The workshop touches on several topics, including

• the ally model and where accountability fits in

• levels of accountability – personal, workgroup, institution/organization

• who are we accountable to?

• accountability principles

• ways to be not accountable

• consequences of unaccountable behavior

• white cultural practices

• accountability statements

• contradictions and keeping it real

• personal accountability networks


Cost: $85 per participant. $75 for graduates of any prior workshop in our What White People Can Do About Racism series. Sliding scale and student rate available. The registration fee covers all materials, plus lunch.


For more information, contact:

Robin Alpern (908) 245-4972, robin.alpern (at)

Jeff Hitchcock (908) 245-4972, contact (at)

There was a lot of information that deepened my understanding of accountability & the barriers to it.

Elizabeth Quincy

I always felt supported & safe to share my thoughts.

The material & presentation has deepened my understanding about the work I hope to do.

Debbie Morenzi

Definitely got clarity/references to pursue for further understanding about organizing & accountability — the intersections of dynamics in anti-racist work.


A lot of great tools!


I’ve got some ideas now for ways to move forward.


Great framework and resources — especially the piece about how white supremacy can block/interfere with organizing and accountability.


I actually wish it were longer!


I feel like I have a lot to think about coming out of the workshop, and some concrete ideas I want to try and incorporate to increase accountability in my organization.