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White Anti-racist Community Action Network
organizing network
2003 - present

The White Anti-racist Community Action Network (WACAN) is the name used by CSWAC to sponsor a number of organzing projects which have the common theme and purpose of building white anti-racist community for the purpose of working to end white supremacy. The name "WACAN" rhymes with "bacon" and sounds like "waking" without the final "g," as in "wakin' up."

WACAN was started after the 2002 White Anti-racist Leadership Conference in New Orleans. One lesson of the conference was that there was not a shared sense of community among white anti-racists, or if there was, it was fractured by splits along generational and other lines. CSWAC felt that before mass action could be organized among white anti-racists, there was a need to develop that sense of shared community.

WACAN has undertaken various online and on-the-ground projects since its founding. Several of these projects are no longer active. The demands of carrying on a sustainable presence on many fronts has taxed CSWAC's resources, requiring us to draw back from some of the work carried out under the WACAN name. At present, WACAN operates a listserv with a membership drawn from past participants in WACAN activities.

Prior WACAN projects include:

The WACANupdate

White Anti-racist Summit series

Starting, and spinning off, a white anti-racist group in New York City

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