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Book Author(s): McDaniel, Donna and Vanessa Julye
Book Title: Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice
Source: Quaker Press; First Edition edition (February 5, 2009)
Book Author(s): Ignatiev, Noel.
Book Title: How the Irish Became White: Irish-Americans and African-Americans in 19th Century Philadelphia.
Source: New York: Verso, 1995.
Book Author(s): McGowan, James A.
Book Title: Station Master on the Underground Railroad: The Life and Letters of Thomas Garrett
Source: McFarland & Company; Revised edition (November 9, 2004)
Chapter Author(s): Densmore, Christopher
Chapter Title: Slavery and Abolition to 1830
Book Author(s): Barbour, Hugh
Book Title: Quaker Crosscurrents: Three Hundred Years of Friends in the New York Yearly Meetings
Source: Syracuse Univ Pr (Sd); 1st edition (June 1995)
Book Author(s): Lacy, Dan Mabry
Book Title: The White Use of Blacks in America.
Source: New York: Atheneum Press, 1972.
Book Author(s): Reed, Emily Hazen
Book Title: Life of A. P. dostie, or, The conflict of New Orleans
Source: Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan Library (March 31, 2006)
Book Author(s): Jordan, Ryan P.
Book Title: Slavery and the Meetinghouse: The Quakers and the Abolitionist Dilemma, 1820-1865
Source: Indiana University Press (March 28, 2007)
Chapter Author(s): Woolman, John
Chapter Title: Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes
Book Author(s): Moulton, Phillips P. (Ed)
Book Title: The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman
Source: Friends United Press; Friends United Press edition (August 1989) [ISBN 0944350100 (paperback)]

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