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In keeping with our mission to bring awareness of current trends and knowledge in the study of whiteness to a broader public, we are creating a comprehensive Book Database. It covers topics of whiteness, white privilege, white American culture, and what white Americans can do to create a multiracial, anti-racist society.

Along with whiteness, anti-racists need to learn about the issues of people of color. While that area is not the expertise of the Center for the Study of White American Culture, we offer two forthcoming lists: a bibliography developed by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond; and our Recommended Reading list. Both will contain books focused on issues of people of color, as well as matters of whiteness. See more.

The Book Database is a work in progress. Along with books, listings include chapters, mostly from "edited books," i.e. books in which each chapter is written by a separate author or authors. Typically, but not always, edited books are written for an academic audience.

Books listed date back as far as the 1970s. There are many gaps in the database. Significant works from recent times may not yet be entered. We will continue to update the database, but we offer it in its present form because we believe it contains enough information to be a useful tool.

The presence of a book in the database does not mean we endorse the work or consider it especially significant, and the absence of a book does not mean we disapprove of the book or think it insignificant.

Books may be found by using the supplied indices, of which presently there are three:

The General Index: This index lists around 25 general categories representing major areas of human life and experience.

The Hot Topic Index: As the anti-racist movement has grown in the US, so has the number of specialized areas of concern. This index captures many of those subtopics. Since we think it important to present books of current interest, this list includes works focused on people of color as well as those on whiteness.

The Detailed Index: This index is much more detailed and eclectic. It is good for researchers who may wish to browse through many topics, or those who wish to locate very specific topics.

Our current efforts are directed toward expanding the number of entries, and indexing them as they are added. We are also considering adding listings by author and title. These functions may be added over the next few months. There is no general search function, although one may be added in the indefinite future.

If you have suggestions for entries to the Book Database, or for index items for any given entry, please send them to Please make reference to the "Book Database" in the subject line.

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General Index
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Hot Topics
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Detailed Index
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Hot Topics Index



Affirmative Action




Civil Rights Era

Civil War

Class and race


Costs of racism to white people

Criminal justice system

Feminism and race

Historical roots of racism



Internalized inferiority

Internalized superiority

Interracial families

Jim Crow



Race as a social construct

Racial identity




Southern states

White culture

White guilt

White privilege

White supremacy


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